Emotions are here to support you in your life and relationships. They are here to give you information about how you are feeling within your environment and the current situation.

Emotions are messages

Emotions, your interpretations of sensations, give you information about the world around you, which is really important. One of the gifts of emotions is they can tell you when something feels safe or unsafe, do I move towards or away. Is this situation uncomfortable in a useful way or is this situation not okay for me. Understanding what your emotions are trying to tell you is essential for you to make decisions which are useful and supportive. 

Or to notice when an emotional response may feel or be disproportionate to what the actual situation is. If we do not acknowledge our emotions and allow yourself the space to feel through them they stay stored in your body and they will seek the opportunity to be felt through or expressed at any opportunity. Which is why we can sometimes feel so much emotion in a situation which may seem not to elicit such a big or volatile response.

Emotions give us messages which then inform our actions.

If someone continuously says "I am happy" when in fact they are not, then they are unable to relate their actions to how they are feeling and that is detrimental to their growth and most certainly for the establishment of an emotional safe environment or to step you towards deeper intimacy.

Emotional check-in's support us to develop the skills to:

  • Turn our awareness inwards
  • Increase our emotional vocabulary
  • Hear and understand the message behind what we are feeling
  • Communicate with someone about how we are feeling and why

All these skills deepen our connection and intimacy with each other. When we share what is going on in our interior worlds we offer and show more of ourselves to the people we love and care about. Intimacy and connection is intrinsically linked to how willing we are to be seen.

Why are emotional check-ins important?

Emotional check-ins will support you to become more aware of your emotions. And when you become aware of your emotions you will increase your ability to make different choices, or rather, choices that are more useful and supportive to you.

Emotions motivate and drive actions.

So if you neither notice what you are feeling nor pay attention to what you are feeling, you tend to react rather than respond to situations, people and life.

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