Instructions - Emotional check-in

Emotional check-in

For the duration of this course, do this activity with your partner once a day. We will remind you at the beginning of each part to do your emotional check-in. As the course proceeds the check-ins will also evolve and take you into deeper levels of checking-in with your self and your partner and thereby deepening connection.

At any point if you need a reminder of or more information on check-ins, you can check out the Emotional Wellness Basics course. It's FREE and a wonderful companion to the Inviting Intimacy courses.

For today:

Step 1

Notice what you are feeling. Both the sensation and the emotion. Use your feeling and sensation lists to help you.

Step 2

Draw your feeling in the blank space provided in your workbook or in your journal and notice where you are feeling the sensation in your body. Draw this on your gingerbread person and draw how big the feeling is on the thermometer.

Step 3

Share what you are feeling with your partner. Remember to speak in the “I” and simply listen when your partner is speaking.

Use your journal or workbook to record what you discovered.

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