What sparked this conversation

Our social media rumble

This conversation was sparked by Kate having a wobbly about posting on social media ... What I was posting was feeling contrived, I was posting things I thought I should post and it was an energy drain and worst of all it wasn't fun. I, Kate, did not want any of this in my life. And from Lorienne's side, she was boycotting everything, and in full support of my rant!

We began to seriously question the role and value of social media for ourselves and our business. Mainly because it was not fun for either of us. It felt like a lot of effort for something which felt like we "should be doing it" rather than "we really want to do this!"

I don’t want writing on social media to feel like it's posting into a black hole .... which feels like is currently the case ~ Kate

We agreed if what we posted and shared was going to feel authentic it had to be an authentic expression of who we are. We needed to find a new perspective and motivation. Or stop all together. Yip this was a very serious consideration.

I noticed that the motivation for me was specifically linked to the I "should" because I had been told it is essential if I wanted to grow our business and reach a bigger audience. The feeling of "having to" was making what I wanted to post feel contrived and I was not sharing from a place of joy. I not only wanted but needed to re-frame it for myself ~ Kate

Our questions then became:

  • What is our motivation?
  • How do we want to feel when posting on social media?
  • How do we create intimacy & connection?
  • How do we create a space where relationships can grow from what we share?

We invite you to come along for the ride. Check out the video below for our real-time conversation or skip to the next section.

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