What is this all about anyway?


Explorations began with the inquiry around how we share who we are and how we live life in a way which feels more contained than on open social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. We want to be in communicative, connected relationships with the people who are interested in what we do.

We invite you to explore with us and share your awareness's. In Explorations we play and take time to introspect and reflect on something which is alive in us and needs a deeper enquiry.

Here we practice opening to the truth in the moment as we see it and being flexible enough to find and see new perspectives. Letting our values of curiosity, courage and integrity guide us.

This is us exploring real life experiences and our feelings about them. Get to know us as we meander through a variety of topics.

We share meditations, activities and awareness practices which we discovered on the way, as an invitation for you to explore these topics if you are curious and rumbling with a similar theme in your life.

We invite you to comment and ask questions. Interact with us. We want to get to know you. This is fun for us, we would love you to join us!

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