What sparked this conversation

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I know what I need. Why don't I give it to myself?

Yup, this monkey face pretty much sums up how I was feeling when Kate and I recorded this conversation. At least to begin with, I identified that I had stepped away from myself and was feeling oversensitive, cranky and intolerant all on top of a sea of helplessness.

Kate was feeling irritated, frustrated, aggravated and unsupported.

So we did what we know works: an emotional check-in to dive into the feelings and sensations appearing in the moment and see if we could discover the messages these were telling us and identify the need that the message pointed towards.

Bottom-line was we each knew we were not paying attention to what we needed therefore were not giving this to ourselves. Once we started to dive into our emotional check in we were able to discern more clearly what it was we needed to give ourselves. Now the interesting question became why were we not giving it to ourselves.

So why not?

This became the enquiry for this particular Exploration.

  • Have you ever found yourself knowing what you need and yet avoiding giving that to yourself?
  • How did it feel when you gave yourself what you needed?
  • How did it feel if you didn't?

These are some of the questions we explored together. Dive in with us and see what we discovered. Check out the video in the next section for our recorded conversation.

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