What is emotional wellness?

"A state of emotional wellness means you feel alignment in and with your life, you can prioritise the things which are important to you and make healthy choices. You feed your creativity, develop and maintain satisfying, nurturing and emotionally safe relationships. Cultivate resilience through emotional awareness and continuously develop skills to move through life with ease." - Kate Tregan Rowe

We need to grow our emotional wellness skills so they become integrated into our everyday lives. This is achieved through doing small things often. Being emotionally healthy requires us to take time to develop the skills we need, it requires self-reflection and buckets of self-care and compassion.

This is an essential process, which is neither complex nor complicated, and only requires your commitment! You can learn these skills here with us in simple, practical and super effective ways.

Emotional wellness has the following aspects to it:

  1. Self-care – do you make time and space in your life to be kind to yourself?
  2. Awareness – of your emotions and the skills to navigate emotions, both yours and others;
  3. Self-reflection – using self-reflection as a tool to support you to create meaning about your life and distinguish between supportive and un-supportive behaviours;
  4. Resilience – is your bounce back factor;
  5. Connection – being able to cultivate and maintain supportive, emotionally safe and nurturing relationships, including your relationship with yourself;
  6. Communication – the ability to communicate clearly with others, to clearly communicate and express your feelings and your needs;
  7. Empathy – having the ability to understand what another person is experiencing and to grow your ability to be kind and generous to yourself.

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